Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Fourth Episode - USET Finals

The fourth episode was based on the USET Finals as I'm sure you all saw last week. The first day the weather was horrible! It was freezing and we were lucky the footing wasn't too bad since it is the only outdoor finals in the fall. That was a really good show for me because after the first day I was called back in 10th. My gymnastics round was really good, but as usual I think I was hurt a little on the flat. I have a really beautiful horse that really stands out, but I remember hearing from my trainers that I wasn't trying to stand out as much as I usually do - I didn't show the extremes they were looking for in the different gaits. The second day I was determined and my jumping round was really good and I was able to clinch a spot in the final 4 which has always been one of my goals. I had really good rounds on 3 horses and on maggie's horse I tried to leave out a stride to the last jump because I was thinking about the time allowed too much and ended up pretty much going through it. It was a disappointment, but I knew it was my fault and plus I was just so happy to be in the final 4.

This week I'd assume that it would be a combination of Harrisburg and Washington horse shows, leaving the last episode to the Maclay. Please feel free to leave me comments and I'd be happy to respond to any questions you have.

Thursday, February 16, 2006


Third Episode

So I was finally in an episode! I was happy with how this one turned out, I thought it was a real good job of how it went. It showed our really early mornings at regionals and many parts of our rounds. My horse looked amazing! I have even more appreciation for him after watching it on tv!

I really liked the part where they showed me calling my dad to come watch me at regionals. It is really hard for my dad to come to horse shows because he is so allergic. His breathing seizes up within 5 minutes of being around horses and his eyes get really swollen. He comes to all the big shows but the indoor shows are especially hard for him having to be in the confined spaces. He came to that show because my mom was in California because her mom had just died. I had a hard indoors circuit because during the two off weeks when there were no shows, I was traveling around the country to go to both of my grandmothers' funerals. They both passed away within two weeks of each other during finals.

Looking back on it, I was very lucky to make it through regionals again. It is a really hard day because everything has to come together for one class. I can't say that now I miss the pressure of classes like that! Being an amateur is very nice and relaxing... I'm heading back to Florida tomorrow to show in the Amateur Jumpers. Next week's episode will be on the USET finals so watch to see how we all do.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006


Second Episode Airs Tonight

Tonight is the second episode of "Horse Power: Road to the Maclay" on Animal Planet. I was told that I will be introduced on this episode, but I haven't seen it so I don't really know. It will be about the regionals for zone 1 and zone 2.

Someone asked me earlier what I meant about the "typical equitation body." I have really had to work hard on my position because I have a longer upper body so my legs don't appear as long. Because I haven't been able to ride as much since I've been at college, I am not as tight and as strong as I'd like to be, so my position tends to look hunched, and I don't sit up straight (and my legs probably swing a little - they're not perfectly in place). Also, I tend to ride with my hands buried on the neck so overall, I have to make a conscious effort at keeping my position in place when I'm riding - it doesn't come naturally. Now that I'm going to be doing just the jumpers, my equitation position doesn't matter quite as much, but it is still important to focus on it because it will help with the overall effectiveness of my riding. I hope that answers what I was trying to say.

Watch tonight for the second episode at 8!

Thursday, February 02, 2006


Post Episode #1

So I was on the episode. I saw myself actually a bunch of times with friends and I had about 3 one-liners. It was SOOOOO weird to see myself and my friends on tv, but really cool! The show was mostly about the hamptons which is the biggest horse show of the summer and also at its end. Our barn had its ups and downs - we won the calvin klein eq classic and many jumper classes, but we also had two falls also. We all knew we had to get in shape in time for finals to start. Next episode should show the regionals for New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania (Zone 2) and maybe the regionals I went to for Zone 1 (all of New England). For the Maclay Finals, there is a regional for each set of states and this year they took 150 kids total from all the regions. I think from my regional they took 35 kids. The amount they take depends on the overall percentage of how many kids are in your region, compared to the total amount competing in the United States. Well I'm looking forward to the next episode and hopefully you will be introduced to me!

Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Animal Planet Premiere

Tonight is the beginning of the Animal Planet series Horse Power that will be on at 8 pm on Wednesday nights. I'm really excited to see how it turned out. All of us put long hours into the filming and had lots of fun in the process so I think the show will be really good. I was informed by the producer that I will not be on the first episode because they are covering events that I was not there for, but I will be introduced in the second one. But watch and look for all my friends! It's one of the first times that riding has been covered on a big network station so please watch!

Editor's Note: If you missed the first episode, it will reair on Saturday, February 4, at 2 p.m. ET/PT.

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