Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Fourth Episode - USET Finals

The fourth episode was based on the USET Finals as I'm sure you all saw last week. The first day the weather was horrible! It was freezing and we were lucky the footing wasn't too bad since it is the only outdoor finals in the fall. That was a really good show for me because after the first day I was called back in 10th. My gymnastics round was really good, but as usual I think I was hurt a little on the flat. I have a really beautiful horse that really stands out, but I remember hearing from my trainers that I wasn't trying to stand out as much as I usually do - I didn't show the extremes they were looking for in the different gaits. The second day I was determined and my jumping round was really good and I was able to clinch a spot in the final 4 which has always been one of my goals. I had really good rounds on 3 horses and on maggie's horse I tried to leave out a stride to the last jump because I was thinking about the time allowed too much and ended up pretty much going through it. It was a disappointment, but I knew it was my fault and plus I was just so happy to be in the final 4.

This week I'd assume that it would be a combination of Harrisburg and Washington horse shows, leaving the last episode to the Maclay. Please feel free to leave me comments and I'd be happy to respond to any questions you have.

Hi Natalie,
You are such an incredibly talented rider. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences in your journal. It's great insight into the top of the horse show world.
Hey Natalie i was just going to tell you dont be so hard on yourself you did great. Also can you give me a hint of who is going to win the Mclay? sincerly Callan
hi natalie,
I have been ridding for 6 years and finally about to get my own horse(yipee)My biggest dream is to go to the olympics if you have any tips plaese tell me
If you want to find out who won the Maclay, check out Nancy Jaffer's postcard from the finals. If you don't want to find out until the final episode of Horse Power, don't click on the link!
I think that you are an excellent rider, and show terrific talent and ability. I will be starting college this fall, and hope to still continue to ride and show the rated circuit with my new horse just as you are.
Hi Natalie,
I think that you are a great rider! Do you have any tips on how to manage school and riding. I admire you on the show.
Hi Natalie,
I love horses and think your great also i might be getting my own horse this summer isn't that cool. It's my biggest dream.hope you do good!!!
Hi Natalie,
Your so talented, I don't have the money for riding lessons, but find time to go to Oklahoma to see my best friend(she owns a horse)twice a year. We ride mostly western, but I am starting Equitation. Being a freshman in high-school isnt every easy :) Well if you get this I really would love to hear from you. My-email is leadloper129@sbcglobal.net
Hi Natalie
You are a wonderful rider and I LOVE watching you ride. It's really cool to be able to see what you think about Maclay!
hello Natalie!!
I lOVE watching you ride!!!!!!! you are very talented!! i just started riding Equitation....and i LOVe it!! :) i got second in my 4-H- i had to train my horse to do it! my bigges dream is to go to the Maclay in the next 5 years!
keep up the good work and keep riding strong!!!!!
Hi Natalie!
You are the most amazing rider I ever seen!My jumping lessons are pretty good, but a ten year old like me could get some tips. Hope you win!

Hi, I was just wondering how many years you have been riding, and how long it has taken you to get to this level of riding. I have a 28 year old TB he does hunters and jumpers. He is amazing still he can clear 4 ft. jumps with no trouble. I love him dearly, but I know I will need a new horse soon. Anyway, how many horses do you own? Was it hard for you to part with them?
Please email me at: popcornequus@aol.com
Hannah & Ghost
you're a great rider. It was great to see an insider's view during a horse show. I have two horses that I show, and hope to do the Mclay one day on the one that I trained myself since the day he was born.
sincerely dani
Hi Natalie!

I just wanted to let you know that your an amazing rider! Ive been riding for 6 years and I currently am training a pony I just bought. My original plan was to sell her after she was re-trained but Im so attached to her now! But I am doing the 3' eq classes this year and hope to be going to the Maclay by next year when Ill be 15 ! So I know that Ill need a new real show horse. Any advice on how to get to the Maclay level , or at least get involved with the people there.

Thanks so much for your time! If you could e-mail me back its sparkle52692@aol.com
haha really old email..got it when i was like, 5?

Hey Natalie,
You are an amazing rider,and have shown such talent. The show gives such a great insight on how the top riders compete and what it takes. Chagall is SOOO adorable!! Well would like to hear form you at... cheerkid@anime4ever.com
thanks and best wishes,
Dear Natalie,
You are very lucky to ride in the shows you do and have the horses that you have. You are a hard worker to have come this far and be as good as you are. I myself have shown in the A circuit and know as well how much fun it can be. Good Luck with your future carrer in riding. -Lauren
hey natalie
i have been riding for 7 years or so, primarily western. i will be going to college this fall and hope to compete hunter/ jumper there. i have a friend now that shows h/j and shes amazing. expect to see her at the maclay in a couple..
thanks for your inspiration. you're ana amazing rider.
Hi Natalie,
You are an awesome rider. I used to ride at a stable, but my horse just died and we don't have money for another right now. Do you have any tips on jumping so maybe I could get another job? Thanks!
You are such a great rider! I ride horses but I'm not that good. I'm ten years old and I have a horse named Shiloh. He is awesome. You are an amazing rider!
P.S.Yes, I do have the same name as you!
Hi Natalie,
I was wondering if you could email me at cindywheeler@swbell.net. I need some info on the maclay finals cause I am hoping to qualify for them next year. all I need is exspenses. I do think you are a great rider though. How long have you been riding?? Thanx!
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