Thursday, February 02, 2006


Post Episode #1

So I was on the episode. I saw myself actually a bunch of times with friends and I had about 3 one-liners. It was SOOOOO weird to see myself and my friends on tv, but really cool! The show was mostly about the hamptons which is the biggest horse show of the summer and also at its end. Our barn had its ups and downs - we won the calvin klein eq classic and many jumper classes, but we also had two falls also. We all knew we had to get in shape in time for finals to start. Next episode should show the regionals for New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania (Zone 2) and maybe the regionals I went to for Zone 1 (all of New England). For the Maclay Finals, there is a regional for each set of states and this year they took 150 kids total from all the regions. I think from my regional they took 35 kids. The amount they take depends on the overall percentage of how many kids are in your region, compared to the total amount competing in the United States. Well I'm looking forward to the next episode and hopefully you will be introduced to me!

i live in ontario, canada and i do get animal planet on rogers digital cable but i looked for the show yesterday (febuary 1/06) and i couldn't find it at 8PM?....could it possibly be at a different time or chanel?
I live in New York and I am such a big fan. My altimate goal is to reach the Maclay finals some day. You guys are living my dream and its so awesome to watch. You are all an inspiration!
I think it's great that the sport is finally getting some public recognition, but I do wish they would show the variety of the riders. Not everyone who has the chance to ride can afford it, some have to groom while riding, and those don't always show pigs and goats. Good idea for a show, but gives the viewers a sugar coated look, even with the falls.
Re: Horse Power in Canada... I don't think it's showing in Canada, but you can check the Animal Planet Canada website.
Natalie, I was at a show this weekend and everybody was talking about the show and how excited they were about it being on Animal Planet! So cool!!!!!
you and the others on the show are my inspiration. my goal is to ride in the maclay finals before I get out of juniors. I better get going cause I am 15 now. I have a ways to go. . . . and I need a new horse! LOL
you(and all the riders) are an inspiration to me! i am currently showing at the local level on my horse(that i trained myself!) it is great to see that our sport is finally getting recognized! i will probaly never make it to such a high level due to the money factor but it is great to watch!
Natalie, looking forward to show number 2 tonight!
it is great to see horsebak riding finally getting recoginized.
The show was great last night! I am looking forward to next week tho when you are going to be on.
hi, i live in connecticut and am doing the 3' mini medals this year and hopefully will do the maclays and other big eq next year. you are all such an inspiration to me and i hope that someday i can even come close to be such an amazing rider.
I am a HUGE fan of all you guys on the show. I am currently in pony club I joined around the start of the show. My goal is to take my warmblood mare to some rated shows. Money might be an issue. My ultimate goal is to go to maclay and all those huge shows. I currently jump 3'6'' and going higher. I hope to one day ride in the same ring as you guys.

P.S. the pony club I'm in is potomac. I ride the BIG white FAT mare not the girl on the LITTLE white FAT pony.
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