Wednesday, February 08, 2006


Second Episode Airs Tonight

Tonight is the second episode of "Horse Power: Road to the Maclay" on Animal Planet. I was told that I will be introduced on this episode, but I haven't seen it so I don't really know. It will be about the regionals for zone 1 and zone 2.

Someone asked me earlier what I meant about the "typical equitation body." I have really had to work hard on my position because I have a longer upper body so my legs don't appear as long. Because I haven't been able to ride as much since I've been at college, I am not as tight and as strong as I'd like to be, so my position tends to look hunched, and I don't sit up straight (and my legs probably swing a little - they're not perfectly in place). Also, I tend to ride with my hands buried on the neck so overall, I have to make a conscious effort at keeping my position in place when I'm riding - it doesn't come naturally. Now that I'm going to be doing just the jumpers, my equitation position doesn't matter quite as much, but it is still important to focus on it because it will help with the overall effectiveness of my riding. I hope that answers what I was trying to say.

Watch tonight for the second episode at 8!

I just wanted to say how very thankful I am of someone finally recognizing this wonderful sport we fell prey to. It is about time that horse TV is not about wild ponies or cowboys. I am a rider myself recovering from a bad injury and working now on regaining my confidence and wish you all the luck coming up.

Dang, you weren't on last night, but you were in the preview for episode 3. Finally! :-) I posted my thoughts on the episode over in the EquiSearch forum under "General Discussion."
I'm sorry but i'm not all that impressed with some of the riders on the show. Also, what is with the #2 on the back of Brianne's helmet?

I think some of the riders are good riders but there are some things in there that i think could be fixed. For example, the chicken wings. I mean come on...
The 2 on the back of brianne's helmet was from Young Riders because she rode for zone 2. All the zone 2 riders had that on the back of their helmet... I was on zone 1 and had a 1. /i guess she just didnt take it off.
I watched Horse Power for the first time today (2/15/06) and I'm so happy to see a show involving showing and jumping. I've ridden hunter/jumper for almost 13 years now and it's definitely my life. From what I've seen, your equitation is beautiful! Showing horses is the most awesome thing in the world :0) I only have one horse. He isn't considered a "jumper" (he's only 15.2h) but he has always had the heart for it. I'm trying to work my way up though!! Congrats on everything!
Natalie, you were great tonight on Horse Power! I thought you did a great job and Chagall was great too. Was it weird seeing yourself on TV? What does yhour dad think?
I agree with sarah and I am glad they finally have a show on not just cowboys and wild ponies, but show jumping.
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