Thursday, February 16, 2006


Third Episode

So I was finally in an episode! I was happy with how this one turned out, I thought it was a real good job of how it went. It showed our really early mornings at regionals and many parts of our rounds. My horse looked amazing! I have even more appreciation for him after watching it on tv!

I really liked the part where they showed me calling my dad to come watch me at regionals. It is really hard for my dad to come to horse shows because he is so allergic. His breathing seizes up within 5 minutes of being around horses and his eyes get really swollen. He comes to all the big shows but the indoor shows are especially hard for him having to be in the confined spaces. He came to that show because my mom was in California because her mom had just died. I had a hard indoors circuit because during the two off weeks when there were no shows, I was traveling around the country to go to both of my grandmothers' funerals. They both passed away within two weeks of each other during finals.

Looking back on it, I was very lucky to make it through regionals again. It is a really hard day because everything has to come together for one class. I can't say that now I miss the pressure of classes like that! Being an amateur is very nice and relaxing... I'm heading back to Florida tomorrow to show in the Amateur Jumpers. Next week's episode will be on the USET finals so watch to see how we all do.

Natalie!! I was watching this show and thought, "Is that little Natalie from Country Lane Farm?" This is Janie!! I'm so proud of you and I miss all the gang at CLF so much! I'm now into thoroughbred racing and plan on moving to Lexington, KY this summer. Please email me! I wonder how "Smokey" is doing. Remember "Misty"? Wow, have you become such a wonderful rider! Say "hi" to your parents for me!
Hi.My names Emily and I think your a really great rider and your horse is gorgeous!I was just wondering how long its taken for you to get at this level of competing?Well,good luck to you and your horse!!!
This doesn't have much to do with your post, but I was just wondering about your thoughts on whether the hunter/eq world is political or not, and whether you really do need lots of money to succeed. I'm just curious about your opinions.

(Please don't take my questions the wrong way, I know that you and everybody else have worked your butts off to be where you are, I'm just looking for your honest take on it all.)
I made my way here from the Horsepower site just like everyone else... go figure. Kudos to the balancing college and horses. I've been doing it for a few years (although on a much smaller scale), and it doesn't get any easier.

Also, David Sedaris is MY HERO. He's from NC where I live, and I've met him and his older sister, Lisa. Congrats on the great jr career and good luck in the Am Jumpers!
Natalie I thought you were great in this last episode of Horse Power. You and Maggie were great. Andre has really grown on me. At first I didn't really like him, but you can tell he is sincere and really is a good trainer. I wish this Horse Power could go on like a regular TV series. It is great stuff. Much better than most of the other junk on tv.

i love the show and i am praying that someday i will be as good as you are! I show HJ on my lease horse. I am hoping that someday god will bless me with my owns horse, but for now i just love my elase horse! i am hoping to become as good as you, but money is tough when it comes to horses. Why does this sport have to be so expensive! i hate that! If it weren't for money, i bet i would be somewhere around the level you girls are at. Its just tough. Lucky this year i will get all the buying of tack, show gear, ect out of the way and next year i can save the money for more classes!

God Bless
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