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The Final Episode

So tonight is it. It all comes to a close - we all see who won the Maclay. It has been an interesting experience reliving all the shows leading up to it and seeing what the show actually puts in and what it doesn't. Obviously they can't include everything that went on with every kid during the finals, but a lot was shown. I was a little surprised they didn't show more of the Heritage kids' rounds from Harrisburg, not all the bad scenes they showed were even us! It obviously wasn't our best show. Harrisburg was hard for me because we all thought I had a very solid round that would definitely get me into the top 25 and I ended up not making it. It was a bit of a letdown but that's how horse shows and judged sports work. We just look towards the next one.

The other thing that the show doesn't see is the Washington Equitation Finals. Those were held two weeks after Harrisburg and I can't speak for Beacon Hill because I'm not sure what they got, but I was 4th and Maggie was somewhere around 7th-8th so that went pretty well for us. Also Maggie's horse Peter Pan was ridden by Julie Welles to her win of the Washington Eq Finals in the final round where the top 10 switch horses.

Overall, the road to the Maclay was obviously a very exciting, but also tiring journey with all the early mornings and long hours all the riders and trainers put into it (the horses too!). I'm sad my equitation career has come to a close, but i am still really enjoying riding in the other divisions. Many of you have posted comments and questions and I will be sure to get to those right after the show is over. I just wanted to focus on the final episode in this post, but there will be many more to come!

Congrats!! I loved your horse. I am an eventer but my horse is a 15hh Pintabian (Pinto X Arabian)so I don't plan on doing the Maclay Finals anytime soon
Well I hope to hear from you--->
Your awsome! Too bad you didn`t make it to top 10 though. Keep riding and you could do some cool stuff.
You are an amazing rider. I was almost crying when they showed you before selling Chagall. I thought although you had a rail down you were one of the best. Have fun in college and don't stop riding and showing because although I only saw you ride in eg. I am sure you are terrific in all of the other divisions too!!!!

Thanks for being so inspiring.

PS Are you going to tell us which other heritage rider bought Chagall? I was sad to see you and Chagall part but keep up the AMAZING riding.
sorry I meant eq. as in equitation. I wrote eg
Natalie ~

You where great in that last episode! I really admire you for your preservation! I hope college is going all right with you, and keep riding cuz you are really talented! Just like bp said, I was so close to tears when you had to sell Chagall. It must have been a heart breaking moment for you, I can imagine it. Great job at Maclay, you did great! Keep it up!

~ Megan
Hey Natalie!

I really thought you rode well at the Maclay Finals. I was bummed you didn't make it into the top 10 - I thought you and Chagall did outstanding! Can't wait to hear about your future. ;D

Anyway, I've only been riding for six months now (sad .. I know) and am working with an OTTB; I would like to get us into some hunter/jumper shows. Do you have any tips for us and others that have the same question? I'm not sure if we'll be able to show beyond schooling this year, but I've been working with him a lot lately and making a lot of progress. I don't plan on making it to A circuit shows before I graduate from high school in 2 years, but any tips from you would help a lot! ;]


- Kimi

P.S. My email is if needed.
Congrats!! i agree w/ anonymus(sp?) i want to know who bought chagall.!! i love him!! great horse!
You and Chagall did AMAZING!! I loved watching you guys on tv!! I've been riding for 5 years and I have been doing equitation. I just wanted to know if you had any tips that would help me become a better rider. You and Chagall were and awesome team!!! I was almost in tears when you sold him!! Well keep up the good work!!

My e-mail is
Please e-mail me with some advice if you have time. Thanks again
Hey Natalie you are an awesome rider and should of placed in the top 25. I'm just starting jumping and could use some pointers. I was sad to hear that you had to sell Chagall. You two mada a great team. I hope you keep riding and you can visit Chagall.

In my last comment I said i could use some pointers and I could. My e-mail is I hope to hear from you

I think you are a great rider. I agree with everyone who wants to know who bought Chagall.
your such a great rider, I was upset when you sold chagall actually i was already mad at horse power so no help there. I hope you dont give up riding like Lindsey did. I wish you could have gotten a higher place. Hope to see you again.
do you have others for sale?
i did cry when you sold chagall,but at least you know where he is
who did buy chagall
my e-mail is

Great job at Maclay. I was really sad when you had to leave Chagall. I hope you will continue to ride and even though you did not get into top 10 I think you did a STELLAR job. GOOD LUCK WITH COLLEGE AND I HOPE YOU WILL KEEP SHOWING!!!!
i think you rock
P.S. Please e-mail me at
it too bad you had to sell chagall who did you sell him to?

Lauren(future maclay star)
plz e-mail me back at
You are great at horse back riding, and your horse is butiful. I wish I had a horse like that. Please write back soon.
You sold Chagall??????????
But why??
and what are your other horses names??? write back. please!!
I show in the jumpers, but many people have told me I could do extremely well in eq. I am very interested in eq and am thinking of purchasing a horse to really get into it. I am not sure how much I should spend on a new horse. In what price range do you think would be acceptable for a horse to take me to the maclay? I know I have the talent, I just need the right horse to get me there. Money is not an issue. So how much do top equitation horses such as Logan, Amigo, Chagall, Onatello, etc. sell for? I would really like to know as I do not want to spend too much or too little! thank you, PLEASE PLEASE help!!
i thought you were a very awesome rider. i didnt catch that you sold chagall though. i ride in the 2'6 equitations at my local circuits. maybe i could hear from you. my dream is to become one of you guys and do the high equitation divisions :] anyways, i loved your horse and got goosebumps everytime yall knocked rails down. hope to hear from you
You are an AWESOME rider!!! maclay finals is my dream..can u give me some tips?
I ride horses, too. But I think you are such a better rider than me. My trainer gets really mad at me, because I can't show because I'm afraid other horses are going to kick MY horse, Kirby. I want to be in the Maclay, but I have 5 years to go...
you know me.....i show in pony hunters
Wow, you are a really great rider!
You are an awesome rider and I really liked you in the show. Do you know if they're doing another one?

They didn't show much of Heritage did they?

Have fun in college, and keep riding! You'll be awesome.
hi i am alyssa i have been ridding for seven years and ghave my horse and i just want some advice pleeeeeaaaasssssseeeeeeee aim me at horsebackmaineac
Hi, I thought you were the best rider out there and I was very disappointed that you did not make it!!! I hope you are having a great time and college and that you still keeping up with your riding. Thanks for the inspiration and CONGRATS!!!:)
Hey Natalie
I just wanted to post this comment to let you know that you inspired a lot of people out there by doing the show and even though they sometimes didn't exactly say it exactly how it was and they didn't talk about Heritage much you are absolutely fantastic and please encourage them to do more series because most people, wouldn't even know what's goes on before and after the shows and when people ask you all the time for your tips I think that the best one would be another season so that you you can inspire all of these people to do great things and show them the steps to be where they want to be!!!!!!!!
Wow horse blogs are growing in number and great content! I have many blogs of my own at Hope you like my Equestrian blogs that my members post.
( )-- I'm hoping to connect up with horse bloggers around the world.

I was wondering if you had any advice on how to get into the hunter/jumper scence.

I'm in 4-H now...riding huntseat, stockseat, saddleseat, dressage, and jumping. I haven't actually been able to show yet in jumping though. I was planning to at this last years fair, but my horse got a suspensory ligament injury and was out of work for about 7 months (just finally getting better), and our other horse died of colic not much earlier, so...I didn't get to jump at all...

I've been trying to get into showing hunter/jumper for a while but something always happens to stop me from reaching my dream.

Hope to get some advice. :D
Thanks a bunch!
Oh ya, I forgot, I guess if you could respond on my livejournal it would be absolutly amazing!!! :D
Or it's be really cool if you could e-mail me!
Thanks again!
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